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The PSM400A Power Sense Module

Our new Power Sense Module helps take the pain out of AC power integration within your project's development. Thanks to it's wide standard input voltage range from 90 to 240 volts you can pretty much monitor what you want.

Need More Voltage Range? No Problem... Simply swap out the standard resistors to the 277 — 480 volt set provided, solder them in, and you're set for commercial voltages too.

But... be extremely careful handling high voltages! It can be lethal! See our products safe handling label and always wear the appropriate Personal protective Equipment (PPE).

We want your experiences and projects to be successful AND safe!

Our Module works with the most popular development boards out there! Ready for 3.3 and 5 volt pin voltages! Need some sample sketches? No Problem

Drop us your contact info and your good to go! And don't worry... We never sell customer information.

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